She made up her mind to get it DONE!

Well, here we are, the end of my local client’s 12 week Lifestyle Challenge.  The twelve weeks may be over, but the journey continues for a lifetime!


Beginning weight: 156 lbs
Current weight: 144 lbs

Beginning waist measurement: 35.5 inches
Current waist measurement: 30 inches

Beginning body fat: 30%
Current body fat: 21%

From the beginning, I stressed my client was NOT on a diet or drastic exercise program.  We worked together on a meal plan that consisted of 40% protein, 30% carbs and 30% fats for 1500 calories/day.

She maintained 3 days of weight training as well as 5 days of cardio- using a mixture of HIIT ( high intensity interval training) and moderate cardio sessions.  Her total cardio hours averaged around 5 hours/week.

As I’ve always said, this fitness stuff isn’t rocket science.  Once you make up your mind to move from one state of existence to another, the only thing that stands in your way of success is YOU.

In my client’s own words, here is her story to describe the last 12 weeks.  I encourage you to read these words carefully- because I feel she speaks for many in the same set of circumstances.

Greetings to the end of my 12 weeks of changing my lifestyle.  That is the only way I can describe the program.  While I did train ( and I mean really TRAIN HARD) , something else happened along the way.  I learned to train my mind in order to train my body.

The key word for me was “MY”.  It isn’t anyone else’s body, mind or life.  I had two choices:  Follow the current course and cry every time I got dressed or shopped for clothes or alter the course.  If you think it was that easy, please read on.

In the last update, I had struggled for two weeks with a plateau on the scale.  The challenges did not end there.  I had an old injury rear it’s ugly head and I spent 2 weeks in physical therapy.  Cardio was non-existent and resistance bands replaced dumbbells.

Again, Kathy’s words resonated in my head:  ” So what are you going to do?  Go backwards?  ”  I certainly felt I was going backwards but Kathy reminded me that every step forward was a step in the right direction and doing something is always better than doing nothing.  

Her words gave me a renewed determination to finish what I started!  The physical therapist released me to do cardio and Kathy increased my cardio each day with only 10 minutes- I felt like a new woman!  It was such a minor adjustment but it yielded tremendous results- both mental and physical.    It also showed me there is ALWAYS  a way to get it done!

The 12 weeks may be over in the history books, but this is my life and it’s ongoing.  Going backwards will never be an option again.  

BRAVO!  I really can’t stress enough that while you’re in the middle of changing your body and health, your mind is the key to success.  I’m not about just changing your physical appearance, I want to help change your mind as well.

I hope the honest testimony of my client has helped to inspire someone thinking about taking the next step toward their goals!

Thanks for reading and cheers to your health and fitness !

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