Turn your body into a fat burning machine!

As most of you are still feeling Old Man Winter ( not me, I live in Houston for a reason), the countdown to Spring Break, Memorial Day and believe it or not, Summer is on!  

If there’s one thing I preach everyday to my clients and anyone else who will listen, results take time.  One good meal doesn’t make you thin and one good workout doesn’t make you ready for the beach. Consistency is the key to enjoying long term success.  

But, you can be foolish with your efforts and you can be smart with your efforts. Burning body fat is not rocket science.  It’s doing small things every day that give you the results you crave.  

As I sat down to write a blog with my personal favorites to turn your body into a fat burning machine, I remembered an article that http://www.bodybuilding.com/ posted at the beginning of the year.  

No need to write any more unless I want to plagiarize this blog. This is the article you need to read to keep your body a fine tuned fat burning machine!  

Cheers to your health and fitness!


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