3 Steps to Finding Your Habit of Enthusiasm !

What attitude did you wake up with this morning?  Did you wake up  dreading the long day and challenges that lay in front of you  or did you wake up grateful and thankful for another day?

How we perceive situations affects our attitude.  And before we know it, our attitude starts to become a habit.  And lets face it,  habits are hard to break.   Many of us are where we are today due to our attitude, either good or bad, becoming a habit.

I want to share with you my 3 steps to finding your habit of enthusiasm.  I have used these proven steps for not only myself, but hundreds and hundreds of clients through the years. Although I will be specific to health and fitness goals, the message can be applied to all aspects of your life.


1)  Find your PURPOSE .    What’s your motive, what drives you?  What inspires you?  WHAT will it take for you to keep your head in the game?  It’s hard to be enthusiastic when we’re floundering around without a purpose.

Maybe you have a goal to lose some weight before your next vacation, maybe you have a goal to be fit by the holidays or just fit in those skinny jeans? Or maybe you have a long term goal to feel better overall and have more energy for daily life? When you can identify your purpose,  and keep 1 or 2 things resonating in your head during the tough times,  I promise you will feel more enthusiastic.

For me, I have 3 things:

1. I’m a trainer and I better walk the walk…

2.  On the days my energy levels are low or I think I can skip a workout, I remind myself that somewhere, someone is lying in a hospital bed WISHING they could have one chance to lift some dumbbells.   Somewhere, someone is home bound with a physical condition and would jump at the chance to walk just one mile on the treadmill.  At that moment, my excuses suck.

3.  I spent 25 years on a diet roller coaster.  I now live by a saying that resonates with me every day “ I STAY ready, so I don’t have to GET ready”


2)  Find your PEOPLE. Keep good company.  Find your people that will embrace your habit of enthusiasm , not bring you down.

One way to do that is to share your goals with friends and family and ask them to be supportive. Another way is to find like minded people online.  Join a forum or online community that offers group discussion. Yet another way is to find groups of people in your local community that meet regularly to discuss their goals, struggles and achievements.  If you can’t find a support group, form your own.    Whether you do it online or offline, a strong network  can definitely help keep you enthusiastic.

For me, the gym was my support group when I first started out.  I realized the gym was not that scary ikky place but a place where everyone had the same goals in mind. It was a huge part of my day-  not only was it  a break from my kids, but I enjoyed the camaraderie and that made me more enthusiastic about working out.


3)  Find your PLAN.  Enthusiasm is definitely dependent on past success and failures.  In my former life, I had a terrible attitude toward diet and fitness.  Why?

Because I kept trying to do things that I wasn’t capable of…like waking up @4 am for a workout or vowing to only eat chicken and broccoli all week.  Essentially, I really didn’t have any kind of plan except to be miserable.  So, little by little, I came up with a new plan – one that included taking baby steps for long term success.

One week I started drinking more water, the next week I stopped eating fast food and the next week I added some exercise ( but at my comfortable lunch time workout, not in the middle of the night), and so on…. and once I realized that the small changes were working for me, it changed my attitude and I became more enthusiastic about the process.

Use my 3 steps to check your attitude.  Put each one in place and watch your habit of enthusiasm soar!

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