What to do when life knocks you down…


Ahhhhh-if only it was that easy!

You start the new month all “gung ho”, ready to tackle your health & fitness resolutions and BAM….life puts something in front of you that  knocks  you right off your momentum train.

Maybe you’re a Mom and you lose a week at the gym due to a sick child? You are taking care of an elderly parent?  Your job has you going a million miles in every direction?

I know that because, a few months ago, I experienced it.   I arrived  home after a long day of work to find my home had been burglarized.  Thankfully the mess left behind was worse than the loss of valuables. UGHHH, what a way to start my week-NO BUENO!

So, when I lost several days of momentum (not just because I had things to take care of but because I was so saddened by the violation and intrusion),  I realized how easy it is for most of us to give up after a short time.  I wasn’t making the best food choices, partaking in some mindless eating and quite frankly, really didn’t care if I ever saw the squat rack again.

What in the world?  Who was I for 48 hours??  A real person!  Yes, my habits and routine are so ingrained in my conscience that it really would take a boulder falling on me to make me stop working out or eating right. But, since I spent 25 years on a diet rollercoaster, I absolutely remember when that wasn’t the case.

What I want to stress here is that it won’t be perfect.  You will have the perfect plan and something will come up to throw you off your game. The key is to not let a couple of bad days turn into a couple of bad months, etc. I’ve worked with many clients through the years who go through the struggle.  It’s much easier to stop your routine then to try to juggle it with other life commitments.

I was not given a cancer diagnosis or experienced the loss of a loved one, I’m not even trying to compare myself to the horrifics of that….what I’m trying to stress here is to pick yourself up as soon as possible and get right back on that wagon.

My advice? Never waste a day.  When you feel like it, move.  When you can eat healthy, eat healthy.  When you can, DO because there will be those days when you simply can’t get it together, and it’s OK.  Focus on the days you are keeping it together and let that drive you to keep going.


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