5 Tips to Avoid Fall Weight Gain



Fall may be the official name of the season, but I like to refer to this time of the year as the “Eating Season”.

Halloween is knocking on our door and before you know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas/Hanukkah will be here.  With all the family gatherings, parties and neighborhood open houses, it’s no wonder this time of the year is the most challenging!  Most people tend to eat more, exercise less with colder temps and quite frankly, decide that they will revisit their health and fitness goals in January.

Do you really want twice as much work to do in 2016?  I assume the answer is ‘NO’ for most individuals.  Here are some tips to help you stay on track and minimize the damage of “Eating Season”.


  1. Have a Plan.  Plan ahead for your meals and schedule workouts on your calendar.   Don’t leave it up to chance or how you will feel when you wake up – make the appointment with yourself and make it non-negotiable.
  2.  Incorporate backup food.  Don’t be tempted by leftovers from family gatherings or office parties.  Keep healthy food around so you can make better choices.  Again, it’s part of having a plan.  
  3. Track your food.  It’s easy to overindulge with a nibble here or there, it definitely adds up.  Download an app such as ‘Lose It’ or ‘My Fitness Pal’ to keep an accurate account of food consumption.
  4. Drink your water.  Staying hydrated can definitely help minimize the damage from extra eating and alcohol.  Without it, you will feel fatigued and more hungry and that leads to cravings!  
  5. Keep to a routine as much as possible.  Stay accountable to your goals and don’t use the holiday hustle and bustle as an excuse to ignoring your routine.  There is always a way to get it done!

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