Rethink Your Week : Change Your Approach


There is a difference between giving up and starting over.  If what you have done in the past has not worked for your health and fitness goals, take some time to rethink your approach.  

 The Time is Now.  



1.  Put the Perfection Factor on the shelf, NOW.  We have all done this- start the week with the goal of only eating only chicken and  brocolli.  We vow to workout for an hour a day.  In the words of Dr. Phil, “How’s that working for you??”  It’s not.  You know it but you begin every week with insane expectations.  I know, I lived it.  Stop.  Strive for Consistency, not Perfection. 

2.  Set a realistic goal.  If you think you are going to lose 10 lbs by your July 4th vacation, get over it.  You might depending on how drastic you are, but you won’t keep it off and your metabolism is not going to thank you later.  Slow and Steady wins the race.   Every time you Yo-Yo diet, you set up your body for long term damage.  What does this mean?  Once you gain the weight back,  it becomes more difficult to take it off again.  Sound familiar?

3.  Start keeping track of EVERYTHING you eat/drink for 2 weeks.  You cannot get serious about moving forward if you don’t have a clue about what you are putting into your body.  If you can download an app such as ‘Lose It’ or ‘My Fitness Pal’, this will help you keep track of your nutrients on a daily basis.  IF YOU BITE IT, YOU WRITE IT.

4.  If your goal is to lose weight, take a look at the information and start deleting the obvious:  sugar snacks/drinks and processed foods.  If you do this very important step for 30 days, your body will make big changes.  You don’t have to get OCD on the perfect amount of calories or how much protein, carbs and fat you eat…for now, eliminate the obvious culprits.

5.  Now, find ways to add more whole foods: lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish, eggs) and healthy carbs/fat.  Aim for 25 grams of fiber/day.  And don’t forget the water!  For more information, go to

6.  The jury is still out on whether to eat small meals throughout the day or 3 large meals with 2 snacks.  As long as you are staying within your calories ( and not consuming half of them at night), then you decide when to eat.  Me?  I’m an infant.  I have to eat every 2-3 hours or I lose it.

7. Do not starve yourself or skip meals.  Again, the only thing this does is wreak havoc on your metabolism.  You are not doing yourself any favors by saving calories.   Your metabolism will slow down and stop working efficiently.

8.  Start moving.  Find ways to add exercise in your weekly schedule.  A combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise works best.

9.  Take a deep breath and plan ahead.  Not one thing listed above will happen by chance.  Your car doesn’t just show up at the gym and a plate of healthy food isn’t delivered 5x/day.  You have to PLAN for these occurrences.  Prepare food ahead of time and if you will be on the go, bring your snacks with you.  

10.  Most importantly, don’t let one bad day ruin your motivation.  One bad day is not going to derail your goals.  But, let one bad day turn into a bad week and then into a bad month?  You know the ending.  


I help clients all over the country with their health and fitness goals.  Contact me kathy@thetimeisnowfitness to get started on your journey and get off the diet rollercoaster for good!  




How Will You Hit the Reset Button for 2016?



Are you ready for a fresh start in 2016?  Do you want to hit the RESET button?  I get it,  because I lived it for most of my life.   When we hit the reset button, it gives us power.  It gives us a sense of new direction and new possibilites.  But for many, the motivation starts out strong but disappears fast after a short time.  Why does this happen?  Why do we vow to do things we’re not capable of executing everyday?  Why do we set the expectation bar so high that failure is always the end result?

I know all about it.  I spent 25 years hitting the Reset button until I changed my approach as to HOW to hit the button.

Here are my tips to get you started and keep you going for 2016:


Why do you want to change?  Why is it important to you? What will it take to keep you going?

If you’ve tried and failed in the past, it’s possible that your motivation wasn’t clearly outlined to include this important principle.  You need to narrow down to exactly what will keep you out of the frig at night or get your butt out of bed for a workout.  For me, I don’t/won’t ever go back to my old ways so I “Stay Ready So I Don’t Have to Get Ready”.


Do you start every year vowing to lose a large amount of weight?  Instead, set small, time specific goals.

It’s about baby steps, 5-10lbs at a time.

But, it’s  not always about the number on the scale.  Maybe this is the year you train for a 5K or some other type of athletic event?  Find your WHY in your goals. For example, I was never the athletic type so proving to myself that I could run 3 miles (5K) without puking was important to me and it was one of my first goals when I started my journey.


I promise this will be one of the biggest keys to your success.  You have to be realistic about what’s going on behind the scenes so you can be motivated to make and maintain changes.  Whether you use a smart phone app or write it down, do not leave out this important step.

So many times I hear, “Kathy, I eat right.  I don’t know why I can’t lose weight?”  Here’s my tough love speech……drum roll….

“Well, you’re obviously doing something wrong or you would see results”.  Yep, it’s that simple.  Maybe it’s your portion sizes?  Eating the wrong kinds of food late at night?  Too much processed foods or juices?  Success always goes back to the meal plan.  Don’t fool yourself.


What has stood in your way in the past?  Are you in touch with the triggers and emotions that have caused you to lose motivation?  Think about these carefully.  Are you the one always picking up the slack at work?  Do you let your spouse or kids rule your schedule?

Write them down and plan accordingly to work around roadblocks.  You know what they are.  This year, come up with a plan to kick that crap to the curb.


The biggest mistake we make when we start out is trying to change everything at one time.  It’s not possible.  If it was possible, everyone would succeed the first time.  Take baby steps- make one change each week.  More water?  Less processed foods? More fiber? More sleep?   Zero in on the things that have stopped you before and pick one thing to change each week.  This is where your food/activity journal is a huge benefit to your planning process.  Your journal tells you where you can clean up the mess.


This is a great way to keep the fire burning.  Find a gym buddy, hire a personal trainer or join an organization.  Find people who share your mindset and surround yourself with those that lift you up, not bring you down.


Your car doesn’t just drive itself to the gym and a healthy plate of food doesn’t magically appear in front of you.  Stop using your schedule as an excuse.  I know we have life hiccups but for the most part, you know where you need to be 90% of the time.  Stop the excuses and plan ahead.

None of this will be perfect, because you are Human.    You will have bad days.  You will have good days.  Don’t let the bad days dictate how you will finish 2016.  You are in control.

Get my book and you will have your own personal Cheerleader for 2016.  I will guide you through the process and help you with everything from your attitude to the workouts.  THE TIME IS NOW!


Is it time to hire a personal trainer?

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Right about now you may be thinking of investing in a personal trainer to help you reach your 2017 goals.

Most go at it alone in the beginning and then realize they need some extra help.  So, right about now I start getting the phone calls/texts/emails saying “Help me Kathy!”

If you’re in the market for a personal trainer to help you, great! Here are some things you should look for and EXPECT when you hire a certified personal trainer.

Education and Certification:
I’m not saying that years of experience as an athlete or hanging out at a gym can’t add some benefit to your training, but let’s face it- you are paying for a level of expertise above and beyond what you can research on the Internet.  

Your trainer should be certified or have a 4 year degree in the field of physical fitness. This shows a level of professionalism above others who claim to know it all,  but haven’t shown the level of dedication to get certified.

Ask for a consultation first.
If you and your trainer do not know each other, ask for a consultation.  I meet with every client first so we can discuss expectations, ask questions, etc.  I want my client to feel comfortable with me and the gym.  As well, I want an opportunity to visit with the client and have a better understanding of their goals.

Do not hire a trainer without a free 15-30 minute consult first. Ask lots of questions – the only dumb question is the one not asked.  Let me be clear, this is not a workout but a “get to know” session.  Actual gym time is charged.

 Look around and ask for referrals.
If you belong to a corporate gym (24 Hour Fitness, Lifetime Fitness, etc) then take some time to watch the other trainers as they are working- you will get an idea of who is competent and who is not.  Ask your friends and family for a referral.

Sessions begin on time.
Your trainer should always be on time.  Even if you’re not on time, your trainer should be on time.  You are paying for the session so when you show up is your business, but trainer tardiness is inexcusable.

Professionalism in the gym.
If your trainer is walking around with their cell phone and not paying attention to you, this is a big problem.  I do have to handle a text every now and then but my phone is not part of my training equipment.

Visiting with others in the gym is also a big No-No.  I enjoy the camaraderie with members and other trainers but I don’t abandon my clients in order to visit with a non- paying client.

Be smart with your training time.
Do not let a trainer watch you warm up on the treadmill as you’re paying him/her to do their own thing.  I ask all my clients to arrive early so they can be ready when it’s THEIR time. Unless the client and I have decided mutually that cardio will be part of their workout, I do not have a client pay me while I watch him/her run on a treadmill.

Giving every client the same workout.
Does your trainer understand your goals?  Does your trainer have your best interest at heart?  If you belong to a gym and have an opportunity to watch some trainers, make sure they are keeping it fresh for everyone.

Do not give up a huge amount of money up front.
Do not pay for a huge package of sessions up front without trying out the trainer. I’ve heard of trainers selling themselves by offering huge discounts but the catch is you have to buy a large number of sessions up front. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.

Make sure you can get a copy of your workout.
You have a right to a “hard copy” of your workout.  If you are working out with a trainer who isn’t keeping track of your workouts or writing anything down, then you might be getting the same workout as the client before you and the client after you.

If you are following body part splits or certain programs for increasing weight/sets/reps then I understand.  But, at any point in time, your trainer should be able to give you a hard copy of your workout if asked.  Be clear on the policy before you commit to a package.

Be wary of trainers that push their own supplement sales.
It’s one thing to suggest supplements but it’s another to be pushy and claim that results will not be met unless you buy them – and buy them from the trainer.  This is totally unprofessional.  

Ahhhh– but guess what….your trainer also has expectations of you as well.  I’m known to be a tough love trainer but my clients know from the beginning what to expect of me. 

Take responsibility for yourself.
I’m not responsible for you 24 hours/day.  What you do when you leave me is your choice.  I give you my full attention when you are with me but if you leave and make poor decisions , that’s on you.

Don’t slack during your workouts.
Don’t be upset by the results you get if you aren’t putting in the work.  Be committed to your workouts and your trainer.  

Be committed to your schedule.
Your trainer has reserved days and times each week – be respectful of their schedule and if you have to cancel, do it in timely manner or expect to be charged the full amount of the session.

One workout doesn’t make you a fitness model.

Good quality results take time.  Have realistic expectations and give the process a chance.

You can’t out-train a bad diet.
80% of your fitness success depends on a good meal plan.  If you are busting your butt in the gym but not following a quality meal plan the other 23 hours/day, you can forget seeing results. Period.

As always, feel free to email me with questions or comments.

Thanks for reading and cheers to your health and fitness!