Are you are looking for direction, accountability and easy access to a trainer without the cost of a personal session? 


Do you need nutritional guidance/coaching to help you reach your goals?


The Time is Now Fitness App (available IOS and Android) will deliver a program to you electronically that you can access anytime/anywhere.  With our customized app and programs, you can access your profile from your computer or mobile device, track workouts & meals, have full access to a video exercise library, measure results and have full communication with your own certified personal trainer. 


Whether you are just beginning or are intermediate, our programs will provide the direction and accountability to help you reach your goals.  

Let us help you TODAY! 



* Less expensive than in person sessions.

*Personalized workouts & fitness challenges provided for all fitness levels.

*All workouts are available on app with corresponding video for easy instruction.

*Full accountability with your own training calendar provided with check in’s, daily/weekly notes and motivation reminders.

*Weekly video calls available for questions/answers

*Workouts can be completed on your schedule.

*Nutrition management with daily goals and custom meal plans available for an extra fee.


To Get Started Today, contact me 713-206-5961 or kathy@thetimeisnowfitness.com