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kathy laucius

My Training Programs

in-person Training

Online Training

Strength Training

1. Introduction to the weight room and lose the intimidation

2. Learn how to work different body parts with proper form

3. Maximize time in the gym for maximum benefits

Cardio Training

1. Estimate maximum heart rate for more effective workouts

2. Introduce different cardio programs to maximize time and enhance fat loss.

Nutrition Counseling

1. Nutrition assessment and customized meal plans

2. Establish new habits with food journaling and ongoing nutrition discussions/lessons

3. Learn how to shop & read labels

4. Meal planning and preparation

online coaching Less expensive than in person sessions. Personalized workouts & fitness challenges provided for all fitness levels. All workouts are available on app with corresponding video for easy instruction. Full accountability with your own training calendar provided with check in’s, daily/weekly notes and motivation reminders. Weekly video calls available for questions/answers Workouts can be completed on your schedule. Nutrition management with daily goals and custom meal plans available for an extra fee. Contact Me Today Download Online Program Info

Author / Speaker

Kathy draws on her own experience to offer motivational and educational presentations for all demographics:

  • Get started & stick with your program, delving into psychological traps
  • Fitness & Nutrition strategies for the working individual
  • Lifestyle tips for reaching health & fitness goals
  • The Time is Now, maximize your life for a better YOU

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I am a certified personal trainer


I am a certified personal trainer as well as a former National NPC figure competitor.
I have been training since 2006 with emphasis re: one on one strength training performance,
the design & implementation of cardio programs to meet your specific goal(s) as well as
providing nutritional guidance for my clients.

As a mother of two children I understand the demands of balancing
a family and personal life- a personal life that should include taking care of yourself for the sake of others. It’s not selfish to take care of YOU.
I struggled most of my life with my exercise and eating habits. After 25 years of a diet and exercise roller coaster, I made up my mind to get it right.
Let me help you get off the roller coaster. If you provide the will to change, I provide the tools and motivation to get you to the level you desire for your life.

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