kathy laucius

Published Jul 16 2021

Summer Travel doesn’t have to mean Summer Disaster!

Here we are- in the heart and heat of the summer!   Many of my clients travel this time of year and this is the point where their hard work can become derailed if they are not careful.  All the months of meal planning and dedicated exercise is now put to the test. Yes, it’s definitely a challenge but with some…

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Published Mar 8 2021

Planning = Success : 10 tips to get your week started in the right direction.

How’s your 2021 health and fitness resolutions working out so far?  You’ve probably figured out right about now that all the motivation in the world isn’t going to take the place of proper planning and execution.  You went into this month like gangbusters and then WHOA…this stuff is hard!  Planning your gym time, shopping for clean food, preparing it and…

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